Extended Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

You’d expect the world’s number one independent lens designer and manufacturer to offer you something extra, and that’s just what we’ve done – extending the standard warranty of our lenses and cameras!

When purchasing a SIGMA lens or camera, please check that the reseller is an Authorized SIGMA Dealer in Ireland,if the lens or camera has been imported by us, the extended warranty will be available. You can find our SIGMA authorized resellers here.

All you need to do to take advantage of this extended warranty, is to register - within 30 days after purchase -  your lens via your personal MySIGMA account. 

SIGMA Lenses
Our SIGMA lenses automatically comes with a standard warranty of 1 year, but we are extending the warranty of our world class lenses by 2 years free of charge, to provide our customers in Ireland with an unrivalled total of 3 years warranty.

Please note that the warranty on CINE Lenses is 1 year, and are not eligible for an extended warranty.

Full protection of your SIGMA products
All brand new SIGMA products purchased from an authorized SIGMA dealer comes with full protection against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Your warranty period starts the day you purchase your SIGMA lens or camera. Anything deemed beyond normal use will void any and all warranties. Since the warranty is tied to the product and not the owner, it will still apply even if you decide to sell the lens or camera.

Confidence. Remember that SIGMA stands behind our customers and products!

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