SIGMA Ireland 2-year Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

It is essential to register for the extended 2-year warranty within 8 weeks of purchase.

1)            This extended warranty is registered with SIGMA Benelux B.V., the authorized SIGMA distributor in Ireland. The extended warranty is not transferable and is only valid if obtained at the time of original purchase of SIGMA lenses. This extended warranty applies only to items imported by SIGMA Benelux B.V (or the former distributor, Hähnel Industries), and sold in Ireland. It covers equipment becoming faulty as a result of manufacturing faults only.

2)            SIGMA 2-Year Extended Warranty becomes valid upon expiration of the 1 Year International Warranty for a total of 3-years’ service protection. This service is valid to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable or assignable.

3)            Once registered, the warranty is valid for a period of three years from the original date of purchase (1-year international warranty plus 2-year extended warranty). This warranty is limited to the repair, adjustment or replacement of defective parts at the discretion of SIGMA Ireland service department in Ireland.

4)            The extended warranty becomes void in the following cases:

•             If damage is caused during service performed by persons other than SIGMA Benelux’s service department

•             If the product has had its serial number removed or altered

•             Any fault arising from accident or misuse

5)            This agreement applies only to SIGMA lenses

6)            This warranty does not prejudice customers' existing rights in Law but is offered as an additional benefit.

In the unlikely event of a fault occurring this product should be returned to the official SIGMA distributor in Ireland, being: SIGMA Benelux B.V, de Bouw 1B, 3991SX, Houten, the Netherlands.

It should be returned either through the retailer from whom it was purchased or by registered post. Please enclose your sales receipt, together with the service copy of the extended warranty.


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