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15mm F1.4 DG DN Diagonal Fisheye Art

  • Lens construction: 21 elements in 15 groups (4 FLD, 3 SLD, 2 aspherical elements)

  • Inner focus system

  • Compatible with high-speed autofocus

  • HLA (High-response Linear Actuator)

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The world's first* F1.4 diagonal fisheye interchangeable lens for 35mm full-frame. Unparalleled resolving power that overturns the conventional wisdom about fisheye lenses.

In developing a fisheye lens featuring an ultra-wide-angle and powerful fisheye distortion, SIGMA has achieved a completely new level of artistic potential, combining the world's first F1.4 aperture for consumer use with outstanding resolving power across the entire image. In terms of optical performance, the SIGMA 15mm F1.4 DG DN DIAGONAL FISHEYE | Art has achieved excellent point image reproducibility and high resolution by correcting various aberrations, especially sagittal coma flare. The lens is capable of handling astrophotography, which demands particularly high-quality performance, even when wide-open. Unlike conventional fisheyes, the SIGMA 15mm F1.4 DG DN DIAGONAL FISHEYE | Art is exceptionally sharp across its entire 180° angle-of-view and offers an ultra-fast F1.4 aperture, making it perfect for a wide range of applications including astrophotography, landscapes and architecture. The expressive power of this all-new full-frame mirrorless lens opens a wealth of creative possibilities in wide-angle photography.

Even wide-open, high resolution and point image reproducibility across the entire image

The lens consists of 21 elements in 15 groups, including 4 FLD and 3 SLD exclusive low-dispersion glass elements, and 2 aspherical lens elements.  By correcting sagittal coma flare and other aberrations, the lens can precisely reproduce bright points of light across the whole frame even wide-open, making it ideal for astrophotography.

Diagonal fisheye lens with 180° angle of view

The powerful distortion effect, which is the appeal of fisheye lenses, allows users to enjoy expressions such as a unique perspective and emphasis on the subject at a 180° angle of view. In addition, the SIGMA 15mm F1.4 DG DN DIAGONAL FISHEYE | Art is designed with the strict performance standards of the Art line. Furthermore, all lenses are inspected with SIGMA's proprietary MTF measuring system. The unique descriptive power of this new fisheye lens, which combines an incredible 180° angle-of-view with very high resolution optics, delivers a level of artistic potential that exceeds other fisheye lenses.

Designed to minimize flare and ghosting

To prevent flare and ghosting, which reduce image quality, the lens is designed to handle all conditions of incident light based on state-of-the-art simulation technology. High backlight resistance enables clear and sharp images under any lighting conditions.

More Information
Product LinesArt
Construction21 elements in 15 groups (4 FLD, 3 SLD, 2 aspherical elements)
Lens TypeWide Angle
Sensor SizeFull Frame
Angle of view180 degrees
Number of diaphragm blades11 (rounded)
Minimum apertureF16
Minimum focusing distance38.5cm
Maximum magnification ratio1:16
---1360 gram
Filter diametern/a
Edition number024
* All figures calculated by L-Mount. Note: The L-Mount Trademark is a registered Trademark of Leica Camera AG. About Product Name: Product name includes "DG" when the lens is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance on cameras with full-frame sensors, and "DN" when the lens design is optimized for mirrorless cameras with the short flange focal length.
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