Mount Conversion Service 

Change your mind? Change you mount!

Introducing the Lens Mount Conversion Service, available only from SIGMA.

Service Concept

We believe that a lens is the most important resource for photographers and the key device needed in creating the individual photographic expression. The hope of the new product line of SIGMA’s Global Vision lenses is to provide a system that is genuinely photographer-centered and designed to build a long lasting relationship with the user. SIGMA introduced a revolutionary way of re-thinking lenses with the introduction of the Global Vision product line and as an experienced lens manufacturer has proven again the capability of creating a diverse range of interchangeable lenses. The company’s desires and know-how have crystalized further by creating a new unique paid service with the introduction of the “Mount Conversion Service”*. With this service, any of the Global Vision Lenses can be converted to a different mount system. This allows photographers the further flexibility of changing their camera body systems and is likely to evolve the lens manufacturing industry to a higher level of service expectation.

*This “Mount Conversion Service” is different from a normal repair. In order to apply for the service, please contact SIGMA Benelux.

A lens is your precious resource, carry it with you longer.

SIGMA has never stopped thinking of ways to create lenses that will ensure photographers want to use for many years and which they require in order to achieve their masterpiece images.

It is with great pride that we can provide a service which will enable photographers to maintain their lens as a precious resource and never let it become obsolete. The “Mount Conversion Service” allows the mount of your current SIGMA lenses to be changed to another mount of your choice. This service gives a new life to your favorite lenses when you wish to use it on a different camera body.

To ensure your lenses remain yours to use for many years or to achieve a lens system that reflects your preference and interest, we hope you will make use of the SIGMA “Mount Conversion Service” when changing camera system.

Does the camera define the value of your lenses?

There may be one lens in your kit which you favour and choose to use above all others because it is the lens that is capable to capture a variety of photographic scenes. It produces the quality of images that you desire and provides the handling comfort you appreciate. These elements have become a unique character of the lens and define your loyalty and preference.

Interchangeable lens camera systems appear to be the preferred choice of photographers because they offer more options. Allowing photographers the ability to change lenses freely and have the flexibility of photographic expression. The lens choice is based on the creation desired. Nevertheless, the process offers limited choices as the lenses is dependent on the specification of the different camera systems. In other words, you can’t use lenses freely if the camera system is not compatible.

However, at SIGMA, we believe it is the lenses that are the key device to creating photographic expression. It is a shame that there is no system that purely sets the standard based on the functions and individual qualities of interchangeable lenses.


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